Wildest Islands Roundup – top 10 islands


This lava tube shows very clearly how the Galapagos Islands were formed
All my life islands have held a fascination for me as they do for many of us. When I was a boy I read Arthur Grimbles’s ‘A Pattern of Islands’ and if ever there was a title with which one could conjure in one’s mind notions of idyllic tropical paradises then this was it.  The book still inspires me to this day.Two thirds of our planet are covered with water and in each of our seas and great oceans, islands are dotted everywhere.  Sadly we could select only 10 islands from the thousands on offer for this series of films, ‘Wildest Islands’ for the Discovery Channel. Many are predictable, but how can you make a series about islands without including the most famous of them? The one’s we omitted included the thousands of islands that make up Indonesia, but Indonesia will be the subject of it’s own series in a year or two’s time. Likewise, we covered Madagascar for Wildest Africa and, apart from the Galapagos Islands and the Philippines we didn’t cover any of the Pacific Islands of Polynesia, Micronesia and Melanesia.  The Government of Australia and the film unions there have made it  very difficult for foreign film crews to work  in any Australian territory so sadly they were excluded from our list too.  Nor did we cover Hawaii, the remotest island of them all.   We filmed Iceland and Greenland for  ‘Wildest Arctic’ so these too were excluded. What we did try to do though was to film as great a diversity of island types as we could and so after 12 months of island hopping through 10 archipelagos , here is my definitive list of the those that were amazing and one that disappointed. Perhaps the biggest surprise to me is that when all is considered the islands I loved most are not, as I would have expected, the tropical islands  lying beneath swaying coconut palms, but the colder, more remote, windswept and harsh land and seascapes of islands  located in the more temperate parts of the globe. croppedKuril-Islands-from-Hokaido
Kuril Islands from Hokaido

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