Video production company


Timeframehd is not just an online library service providing high quality time-lapse footage to the broadcast and worldwide market. We are also a video production company shooting time-lapse to order. This is a unique service among stock footage providers and is only possible because the library is run by film-makers with a vast network of professional colleagues around the world. Both our Creative Director, Richard Kirby and our Managing Editor, Pip Crosley have immense production knowledge honed over almost 30 years of broadcast experience. This together with our video production time-lapse studio (coming soon) will give Timeframehd the advantage of being able to fulfil some of the most unusual of requests.

Video production services

One of Richard Kirby’s time-lapse passions is studio based plant work. To be successful with these type of video production services, conditions must be highly controlled. With this in mind, we are building a dedicated plant time-lapse studio which will enable us to re-create conditions perfect for capturing plant growth and behaviour. This studio will not only “feed” the library but also enable us to shoot specific plant time-lapses to order. This is a time consuming and highly specialist video production service.

As well as the UK studio facility Timeframe is also able to provide highly skilled time-lapse photographers on location in many countries throughout the world.

Our representatives are able to shoot under direction or independently to suit your video production needs and budget. Whether it is a complicated motion control shot or a simple sunrise – ask us for our time-lapse advice. Take a look through the library at to see how we could use our specialist video production services to shoot the stunning time-lapse that will give your production the edge.

Timeframe Productions Ltd has been a successful video production company since July 1999 and with the recent addition of our online service at, we hope to keep the company growing!