India and Monkeys

I’ve no idea how I managed to squeeze another 6 weeks filming into an already mad ‘Wildest India’ schedule – but the Rhesus Macaques in Jaipur, stars of the epic animal soap, Monkey Thieves (which you might be familiar with if you tune into National Geographic) demanded my attention for a third series. It’s become a bit of a phenomenon in India.In fact recently I had to pay a visit to a hospital in Delhi for treatment of a very badly infected knee – the result of 6 weeks on my knees filming monkeys in Jaipur.  The doctor treated me as just another irritating tourist until he looked down at my knees and asked “do you crawl?” in a way that suggested I had some kind of fetish. “Yes” I said and went on to qualify this answer by telling him about Monkey Thieves and how I have to get down to their level. They spend most of their time on the ground so I have to be on my knees.“You mean the monkeys of Galta Gate and Jewery Bazarre?”. “Yes” I said and he gripped my hand and shook it vigorously and with a broad grin across his face told me that he was from Jaipur and this was his favorite TV programme and in one breath I went from irritating tourist to hero! My knee got the best possible treatment in the fastest possible time and 3 hours later I was on a plane home. 4Red Uakari Monkey, A swamp forest specialist and camera assistant
Red Uakari Monkey, A swamp forest specialist and camera assistant

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