India and Elephants

Not much of a break before I start on the next continent on the ‘Wildest’ list: India. After nearly 30 years behind the camera I hadn’t been to India until about 5 years ago – but here I discovered my new passion –  Asian Elephants.  In 2005 I had worked closely with the charity ‘Elephant Family’ making a film to highlight the plight of India’s working elephants, swiftly followed by another film called ‘The Dark Side of Elephants’ about rogue elephants for Granada TV. Elephants featured quite prominently in my work for the 2007 BBC series ‘Ganges’ and then in 2009 Off the Fence followed my son Adam and I, on a quest to find and film ‘China’s Last Elephants’. 2011 finds me back filming these wonderful animals in the logging camps of Arunachal Pradesh in India’s far north east for ‘Wildest India’. 

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