DoP Richard Kirby’s Wildest Latin America

The 5-part wildlife series ‘Wildest Latin America’ is broadcasting at 8pm Friday nights on Animal Planet. Timeframe’s Creative Director is Series Director and Director of Photography for the series. Richard spent most of 2011 shooting for the series in Peru, Bolivia, and Brazil. “South America is such a diverse continent so there are amazing opportunities to shoot some great time-lapse footage. I tried the new Stage Zero track for the first time at Machu Picchu with some beautiful results but I think my favorite time-lapse shots from the series were the tracking time-lapses through the Amazon jungle Simple moves combined with moving light”. Read more about Richard’s filming experiences in his blog. The series broadcasts for the next 5 weeks on the channel starting with ‘Amazon’ at 8pm 7th July 2012. Andes, Venezuela, Pantanal and Patagonia follow on.

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