At number 9. Zanzibar

It seems a bit unfair to put Zanzibar down here at number 9, especially as I’ve recommended the island to lots of friends.

Drying seaweed, Zanzibar_wm
                                            Drying seaweed, Zanzibar
  Richard Kirby with coconut crab, Zanzibar_wm

It should really be equal with 8 all the way through to 2.  It is undeniably beautiful, like the Caribbean 30 years ago. Largely unspoilt, but from the perspective of a wildlife film maker it was hard going.


Having said that,  Zanzibar also gave me one of the highlights of my life, swimming with whale sharks off Mafia Island.


Tiny Chumbe Island is a stunning little reserve with lots of exposed coral at low tide and heaving with huge coconut crabs at night. Pembe Island, like Zanzibar is just classically beautiful but even quieter.

Richard Kirby with coconut crab, Zanzibar

The surprise for me were the stunning blue and orange fiddler crabs which I filmed way offshore in a bay of white mud…a harsh place up to my knees in sticky mud under a noon sun, very messy but totally enchanting! timeframe fiddler crab zanzibar

Blue Fiddler Crab, Zanzibar

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