At number 10. The Galapagos Islands

Male Frigate Bird, North Seymore Island, Galapagos_wm    Male Frigate Bird, North Seymore Island, Galapagos

It’s slightly surprising for the Galapagos Islands to be bottom of my list, but in fact the islands were so disappointing  that their place here is well deserved.

Like the wildlife on so many islands, this sealion extremely inquisitive, here with Researcher and sound recordest, Andy Moorwood_wm
A sealion pup checks out our sound recordest, Andy Moorwood

The Galapagos have been over-hyped in the past, but all the same I had high expectations when I set out from England, but the bureaucracy and the over zealous attitude of the National Parks wardens eventually drove me to despair.

The rules for film-makers are so restrictive as to make our jobs almost impossible and in the end we were able to film  for only 4 of the 20 days we were there. We were told by one nature guide that some of the wardens were not allowing tourists to take expensive looking cameras into the parks because they might be secret professionals!

We had our permissions and still they refused us entry with cameras. Mad! Eventually they admitted that they had made some administrative errors but they would keep our deposit anyway.


The marine iguanas, the giant tortoises and the blue-footed boobies are amazing. Darwin’s finches  are fascinating  and it’s fun to swim with sea lions and sharks, but it’s all SO familiar it’s slightly underwhelming.

Marine Iguana, Galapagos Islands_wmMarine Iguana, Galapagos Islands
Blue-footed Booby displays_wm Blue-footed Booby displays, Galapagos

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