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Welcome to Timeframe stock footage - the online footage video library with a unique selection of time-lapse photography. All of the stock footage videos are available for license. We offer time-lapse stock footage with rights managed licensing.

HD Stock footage

Our time-lapse video library offers a wide selection of high definition stock footage video clips. We specialize in time-lapse HD footage some from the most remote places on Earth. You will find unique and creative footage from the planet’s wildest places in Africa, Asia, South America and Canada. You’ll find time-lapse footage of the Sahara desert, time-lapse footage of African tribes; time-lapse footage from the Brazilian jungle to the Arctic ice floes. These are just a few of the unique locations where we film HD time-lapse stock footage.

Location is not the only category you can search. Our timelapse photography collections also include:

Time-lapse photography

Timeframe represents creative stock footage filmed by world class cinematographers. The core of our stock video library was shot by Richard Kirby, a multi award-winning time-lapse photographer. The creative time-lapse photography we have in stock will simplify your project both creatively and with our easy licensing deals.

If you don’t see the video you need please send a request since we have stock video footage still being processed that is not yet published on the site.


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