timeframehd.com Content Licence Agreement

Please read this agreement carefully.

The following terms and conditions, licence invoice and the clip specific website details together define your access and use of all content available from timeframehd.com and represent a binding Agreement between you and timeframehd.com

By obtaining, using or paying for any content from timeframehd.com you accept the terms of this Agreement. If you do not agree with any of the applicable conditions do not obtain or use any content from timeframehd.com.

1.    Definitions relevant to this agreement may be found by clicking on the orange highlighted hyperlinks.

2.    Employees - If You, the registered user, are entering into this Agreement on behalf of your employer, the licence granted and restrictions and limitations contained within it apply to your employer as well as You as a representative of your employer. Should You cease working for your employer, your employer may continue to operate under this agreement.

3.    Licence – All licences issued by timeframehd.com are subject to acceptance of this Agreement and payment of invoice. Failure to comply with either, will result in withdrawal of the granted licence and pursuance under copyright and other laws. Our licences are granted under these categories:
a.    Rights Managed content
b.    Royalty Free content
c.    Bulk Deals
d.    Free Comp downloads

4.    Ownership – timeframehd.com warrants that it is the copyright owner, or authorised representative of the copyright owner, or the authorised licensee in respect of all content held on timeframehd.com Timeframehd.com also reserves the right not to grant a licence agreement.

5.    Delivery Format – Our standard delivery format is Apple ProRes 422 (HQ) (1920x1080 25.0fps) Some files are only available online as DVC Pro HD but most files can be requested in alternative formats including 4K. Requests are subject to lead times and technical fees which vary according to the format. Please ask for a quote. Timeframehd.com wants you to be happy with our digital product. Should you ever have cause for complaint, problems with downloading or access to your account please inform us for help immediately and we will attend to the problem.

6.    Clearance – timeframehd.com does not provide model or property releases for our clips. If at any time a clearance is required we will clearly state in the clip details that the use of this clip will require additional clearance. It is then Your responsibility to obtain this clearance

7.    Restrictions   
a.    timeframehd.com content may not be sold, leased or conveyed to another person, company or entity except as part of the Work for which it was licensed.
b.    timeframehd.com content may not be used for illegal, immoral, racist, cruel, violent, pornographic, obscene purposes or in any way that violates human dignity, glorifies war, promotes a terrorist organisation, incites a criminal offence or defames, libels or slanders any person or violates the honour or privacy of the people depicted in the content.
c.    timeframehd.com content may not be used to infringe any copyrights, trademarks or other rights of any person or be used as part of a trademark or logo.
d.    timeframehd.com content may not be used in any way that could harm the reputation of timeframehd.com (tfhd) or timeframe productions ltd (tpl) or parties represented by tfhd or tpl.

8.    Third Party Claims – In the event of any claim from a third party You shall immediately inform timeframehd.com and provide all information necessary to resolve the claim. At the sole discretion of timeframe hd.com, an alternative  clip may be offered or refund of licence fee may be granted.

9.    Indemnity – Although timeframehd.com works hard to ensure the integrity of our Content’s end use, we cannot be held responsible for any misuse of our content or breaches of Agreement by our registered users.

10.   Limited Liability - In any and all events, there shall be an overall limitation of liability on both timeframehd.com and Timeframe Productions Ltd in respect of any one content licence, to the total level of Licence Fees due and paid by You to timeframehd.com prior to the date of any applicable claim. Timeframehd.com shall not be held liable to You for any loss of profits, contracts, damage or any other indirect or consequential loss howsoever arising.

11.   Fees – Clip fees must be paid in full or in the case of corporate credit accounts, allocated to your account, in order to download all non-watermarked versions. As a registered user you may download comps/proxys which are watermarked, free of charge.

12.   Termination – If the fee remains unpaid after 30 days or any terms of this Agreement are breached, and You have failed to remedy this within 21 days of us notifying You, the Content Licence will be withdrawn.

13.    Cancellation by You – If you wish to cancel this Agreement within 30 days of payment you may do so subject to our cancellation policy. Bulk Deal Accounts are subject to the terms of their individual Agreement.

14.    Your obligations – Once the term of your licence has expired you agree to cease all use of the Content and promptly delete all digital copies except those which exist within an edited programme or finished project retained in your archive. If the content exists within an online product You agree to use your best efforts to protect the content from unauthorised use and ensure that it remains within the Production for which it was licensed. You must report all content use via our online Declaration facility. The frequency of your reporting will be stipulated within your individual licence agreement. All content use must be appropriately credited to timeframehd.com and as specified in the individual licence agreement. At our request You shall provide timeframehd.com with one complimentary copy of any use made of the Content in a format specified in the individual licence agreement.

15.    Law – Any dispute regarding this Agreement shall be subject to and construed according to English Law and the parties agree to accept the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England.

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