Richard Kirby cinematography

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World famous cinematographer Richard Kirby

Richard Kirby, creative director of Timeframehd, is a world renowned cinematographer / videographer who began his career back in 1983. Since then he has worked as principal camera man on many award winning natural history productions for the BBC as well as National Geographic, Animal Planet, Discovery and Channel 4.  This showreel displays his versatility as a highly imaginative cinematographer / Director of Photography, with a wide range of camera skills finely honed over almost 30 years of filmmaking experience. Permission to show these BBC extracts has been very kindly granted by the BBC Natural History Unit.

From filmmaking to time-lapse photography

Richard's first began filmmaking at Science Pictures where he was the camera man on “Nature in Focus” which was broadcast in 1984 on Channel 4. One of his specialities as a videographer was filming technically difficult subjects using an electron microscope. He was fascinated by the beauty of these unseen worlds and started to explore the use of time-lapse photography to reveal other unseen phenomena. Known for his creativity as well as technical skill he quickly gained a reputation as an excellent camera operator and in 1990 he went freelance to further develop his talent becoming a Director of Photography.

When Sir David Attenborough and the BBC started to put together the camera team for their next high profile blockbuster series about Plants, Richard Kirby with his technical and botanical background was a perfect choice. Together with camera man Tim Shepherd, he would go on to revolutionise modern time-lapse cinematography techniques. He has received numerous awards for his filmmaking including Emmys, Baftas and the rarely bestowed Kodak Vision Award. Google+

Welcome to the amazing world of time-lapse footage by Richard Kirby.

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