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Rights Managed

Rights Managed

Rights Managed

Rights Managed

Rights Managed

This limited non-exclusive licence enables You (the registered user) to specify the use and territory for your selected clip. The cost of the clip licence is governed by the rights you require. You may also choose to take all rights in all media in perpetuity (exc theatrical exc commercial) The specific details of your particular licence will be found on your Licence Invoice. It is labelled “rights managed” or “RM” by

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Rights Managed

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Dawn Day Day to Eve Day to Night Dusk Eve Eve to Night Night Night to Day Sunrise Sunset

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abstract backlit bluescreen close up establisher FX hand held HDR jib low angle mid shot motion blur panning point of view pull focus ramped reveal rotate scenic stacked tilt down top shot tracking wide angle wipe

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Richard Kirby Adam Kirby Tom Varley John Waters Joe Louw, TIMELAPSE SA Tom Beldam Kevin Rossi, GOTM Films Richard Bentley Joel Schat Lee Kirchner, GOTM Films Jonny Maxfield, Fourth Dimension Fred Bibollet-Ruche Dylan Wiehahn, Spring Pictures


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Africa Agriculture Animals Amazon Architecture Arctic Asia Bridges Aurora Borealis British Summer China Cities Clouds Construction Colour Crops Desert Dubai Early Spring Easter Island Environment Festivals Europe FX Flowers Forest Grand Canyon Geology Health HDR Ice India Industry Insects Lakes and Rivers Landmark Markets Modern Life Moon Mountains Night Sky North America Oceans People Plants Rain Reserve Sun Shadows South America Tourism Traditional Transport UK Volcanoes Weather Winter


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Cold Growth Re-Launch Nature Backgrounds Business Relaxation Change Hot Teamwork Fresh Rural Landmark Religion Technology Water

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