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I am  a freelance cameraman and I've been shooting wildlife and documentary films for 30 years. Through my career I've been fortunate enough to trip the red carpet at a few awards ceremonies and I've even walked out with a few awards.

It all started with a passion for time-lapse photography in the early 80's where a train of events and opportunities dictated that somehow I become a bit of a pioneer of the technique with the cult Peter Greenaway movie 'A Zed and Two Noughts' and then the groundbreaking David Attenborough series 'Private Life of Plants'.  

Although I'm equally at home filming wildlife and people for series like 'Life' and 'Human Planet', time-lapse photography has remained an enduring passion. 

You can follow me on this blog and keep up to date with where I am and what I'm doing.

2013 - I get to explore the wildest reaches of megadiverse Colombia

This is going to be an extraordinary year. I’ve landed a Director of Photography role for a feature film about the wildlife, people and landscape of Colombia. Our plans take us to the remotest of jungles, Colombia’s highest mountains, it’s unique deserts, incredible coastline and the largest aggregation of hammerhead sharks in the world. We are planning an expedition into the darkest unexplored regions of the Colombian Amazon in search of new species and trying some totally new filming techniques with totally new cameras.

This is a great opportunity for me to post regular blogs about the entire process of making a wildlife cinema feature from day 1 and to share my experiences of being in the back of beyond in Colombia.

In between the Colombia shoots I’ll be revisiting India to film the monsoon for the BBC Natural History Unit and kicking off the new year with a trip to the Falklands to spend 3 weeks with penguins, elephant seals and albatrosses.

For a taster of Colombia and my first impressions of the country check out “It’s not all about cocaine”

1. The Falklands
2. Japan
3. The Philippines
4. Vancouver Island
5. Sri Lanka
6. The Caribbean Islands
7. Anavilhanas Islands
8. Hebrides
9. Zanzibar
10. The Galapagos Islands
Wildest Islands Roundup - top 10 islands
It’s Not All About Cocaine
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2012 Filming Impressions so far

It should be an amazing year. Ten islands in 12 months. For the first time in my career it feels like I'll be doing exactly what my friends and family think I've been doing for the last 25 years...going on holiday!

I'll be starting with a film about Zanzibar then Japan, Hebrides, Galapagos, Caribbean, Sri Lanka, Marajo Island in Brazil, Vancouver Island, Philippines and Falklands. I will keep updating my filming activities where I can and share my experiences with you.

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2011 Filming Impressions

2011 was another really busy year starting with filming a third series of ' Monkey Thieves' in Jaipur and then 6 months filming in Peru, Bolivia and Brazil for 'Wildest Latin America'
South America Bound
India and more Monkeys
India and Monkeys
India and Elephants

2010 Filming Impressions

At this point I didn't know what a blog was. 
Africa and Awards
Who I am

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