About Us

Timeframe offers high end time-lapse footage to the television and film industry as well as the broader world wide market.  Our team of award winning specialists bring together a wealth of experience in creative and technical time-lapse photography.

Richard KirbyRichard Kirby is one of the world’s most respected cinematographers. For 28 years he has pioneered modern time-lapse photography winning a raft of awards in the process including an Emmy, and the coveted Kodak Vision Award for David Attenborough’s ‘The Private Life of Plants’.  Numerous other awards have followed for his work on a wide range of high end television productions, commercials and feature films. 

His collection of extraordinary shots built up over the last 15 years and filmed in some of the world’s most remote locations form the core of the Timeframe library. Other exceptional contributors are by invitation only as our aim is to maintain the highest possible quality both creatively and technically.

Pip Crosley our archive manager and editor comes from a background as a producer in both the Independent sector and the BBC Natural History Unit. She has worked on some of the Unit’s most iconic award winning  series including  ‘Wildlife on One Specials’, ‘Wild Africa’, ‘The Natural History of Europe’ and the highly  acclaimed BBC-2 series ‘Nile’. Her knowledge of the industry and the requirements of producers and archive researchers is second to none. Together with our team of industry professionals based all over the world, we are here to help you achieve your creative goals.

We hope Timeframe will be the first and last stop on your search for that breathtaking time-lapse shot. Time-lapse is our obsession and time-lapse is
ALL we do.



We literally let the grass grow under our feet.




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