timeframehd.com FAQS


How do search for footage from your website? 

The search facility works best if you start by putting a general term for your search in the search box - then use the flters to narrow down your search. For example: I am looking for timelapse footage in an African market. Start by putting "Africa" in the search box. Once you have these results, choose setting from the drop down filters on the left hand side and scroll down to "Market". You will now see all the footage we have in an African market.

TIP: You can short cut your search by using the Categories and Collections filters either on right hand side of the home page above Our News or in the search page at the bottom of the left hand side drop down filter menu. We have created subject based searches here to make finding footage quicker and easier for you. There is also a Countries shortcut on the right hand side of the home page.

How do I find out the price of a clip?

Log in to your registered account. Search for your clip. Add the clip to your basket using the basket icon below the clip. Go to your basket. Using the drop down menu below the clip viewer select the use, distribution, territory and term you require. The price is automatically calculated for you in the basket. You may delete items from the basket at any time using the X icon next to "Basket Details". All clips are subject to VAT in your country of residence as registered. If you have special VAT status or a query regarding VAT please contact us.

How do I purchase/download footage from your website? 

Once you have registered with us, you will be given password access to your own account. You may browse the library and create clip bins for different projects. Here you may store clips or download free comp versions of these clips. These free comps will be watermarked with our company logo. Should you wish to have a non-watermarked high res clip you will need to move the clip from the bin to your basket. Once purchased through the checkout you will then be able to download a full HD version of the clip.


How do I licence footage on your website? 

We offer a number of flexible options to suit your budget. You may purchase any clip individually or as part of a bulk deal. You choose which rights, media, territory and term you require and per clip our system calculates the price for you. This way you only pay for what you need.

How do bulk deals work?

Bulk deals are set up in advance and pre-paid so that when you next log in, your account will have been credited and you can proceed to download your full HD clips. Bulk deals are offered on 5,10, 50 and 100 clips. Contact us directly by phone or email if you are interested in one of these deals.

What do you mean by ?

All rights - Content may be used for any purpose within the terms and conditions of the licence agreement but always specifically excludes Theatrical and Promotional use - that is - excludes use for feature films, commercials or trailers.

Episodic Programme - A one off programme or series of programmes telling a story each of less than one hour duration. eg: tv documentary or use for in-game content. Also includes Airline in-flight programming

Feature Film - A story of extended length usually made for tv, cinema, dvd or internet broadcast

Commercial - A short film advertising a commercial product

Non-Broadcast - Any use that is directed at an audience of less than 500 people and excludes tv or internet broadcast

Trailer - A short film to be shown on tv, internet and cinema advertising a feature film or episodic programme

All media - all means of showing an audio visual product by means that exist now and in the future. Includes video on demand.

Broadcast & Cable - Terrestrial, Satellite and cable network television

Public Service & Educational - Government owned broadcasters and charitable educational institutions Including non-theatrical rights

Internet & mobile - For internet broadcast or website use and broadcast via mobile networks

Corporate - For use by an individual company in internal communications

Home Video Rights - For use in the reproduction, sales and distribution of home video/ dvd/ blu-ray or other future home entertainment system

Cinema - For use in public cinemas with paid audiences. Also known as theatrical rights and including Public Video rights

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